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Where to send queries ? Note that later the main url will reply only to dedimania.CheckConnection, dedimania.GetVersion, dedimania.Authenticate and dedimania.ValidateAccount methods !

How to send a query ?
The form of xmlrpc queries and replies
What kind of records does Dedimania support ?
What kind of records does Dedimania not support ?
Sending xmlrpc request methods
Raw query/reply examples (without http compression of course)
If you make a client script support, please notify it to Slig. First because I may open a new url port for your script, because the port 80 url use more resources, also because you should not use url used by other without telling it, and finally because i want to know what scripts are using Dedimania resources and on what port(s).

The url must never be used except for the dedimania.OpenSession method. To know what url you have to use, see note 1 !

Note3: MaxRank
The MaxRank work at several levels. Except special case where the player MaxRank is 0 because he is banned, a player can always make a record on a server and challenge at the max rank determined by the max of ServerMaxRecords, his own MaxRank, and the MaxRank stored for his current record if he has one.
- ServerMaxRecords is the server MaxRank, any player connected and not banned can make a record at least up to this value.
- dedimania.PlayerArrive/MaxRank is the player MaxRank, the player can make a record up to this value also if ServerMaxRecords is smaller.
- records MaxRank is the max of current player record and his general MaxRank, the record remain valid if not above that value (or ServerMaxRecords value if bigger).

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