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#1 2010-07-17 14:00:47

???? D?iv
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Dedi's are not working on my server

I've got two servers on trackmania nations forever. On one server my dedirecs are sometimes not working. But when I go to the other server the dedi's are working. So this means the dedisystem is not down on all the servers.
I asked the guy where I rent my servers but he can't help me so thats why I'm posting. Restarting Xaseco or the whole server doesn't help.

My clan really wants to drive as much dedi's as possible, but in this way it is not possible and there is no fun and competition anymore.
Sometimes the dedirecs are working, but than the next couple of tracks they are down again. Can somebody please help me? I'm using the programs FTP and Servermania to manage my servers.


Progress: didn't changed anything but now I get with everytrack: Dedirecords: No records. So with every track we get new dedi's. But when I check the dedi's of my server with the ones of another server they are totally different (on same track of course). When the track is played after some other tracks the dedi's are gone again.
Please help, don't have fun anymore without dedi's.

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#2 2010-07-17 17:03:18

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Re: Dedi's are not working on my server

Are there any Dedimania-related messages in the XAseco's log?
If not, change $ dedi_debug in plugin.dedimania.php to 1 or 2 (the higher, the more logging), restart XAseco, and check again.


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