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#1 2012-05-25 23:45:22

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MetaStats: look up TM logins

There's a new webtool in town. smile I built this MetaStats look-up page to enable you to look up Nadeo and Dedimania statistics for TrackMania² Canyon, TrackMania Nations/United Forever, and Nations ESWC logins. Actually, it was done for the most part early this year, but several external factors hindered its completion until now.

I created MetaStats because:

- I like to toy with APIs and SDKs, and wanted to get some experience with Nadeo's Web Services
- there was no way yet to combine Nadeo solo and multiplayer rankings with Dedimania stats or to easily look up the latter (unless you knew the right URL)
- I wanted to achieve a unified layout for all these statistics
- Mania Ladder for TrackMania² is still pointing to TM-Ladder, instead of actually showing TM² stats
- there's a long-standing bug in TM-Ladder preventing the look-up of logins that consist only of digits
- the results page can be easily hyperlinked and shared to show off to your buddies wink
- it might be useful to check the raw nickname string of a login (I don't believe in security through obscurity)

So, check out your login on the MetaStats page!  Feedback welcome.


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