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#1 2012-12-14 21:02:08

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About so-called 'hacked' accounts

Every once in a while, and lately more often, players come into these forums because their TM login was banned from Dedimania (and globally blacklisted) due to cheating. They claim their login was 'hacked', and ask for an unban without the normal donation.

Call me a cynic after banning 7000+ cheaters, but by default I don't believe such claims. It might be true but I can't look you in the eyes via the forum. It could just as well be an excuse from cheaters hoping to get out of a ban for free.

I don't believe a TM login is easy to hack. It is much more likely a player was careless with his/her login, for example by:
- picking a really easy-to-guess password
- sharing it with anyone, especially a "friend", for any reason
- running something like TeamViewer not carefully enough
- running an insecure PC with malware (sniffing software, etc)

Your account is your responsibility and it is a serious one in the TM community, so even if you (temporarily) lose control for whatever reason, what your login does remains your responsibility. That includes the damage it does to the Dedimania system by cheating on (m)any tracks, which causes other players' records to get pushed out of the top-30, and the time it takes me to clean up everything.

So if the above applies to you and you want an unban, then make the donation. If you value Dedimania so much that despite losing your records (part of the clean-up process) you want to make new ones, then donate. If you can't donate yourself, find someone to do it on your behalf.

The only trustworthy claims of hacked accounts Slig and I accept, and will grant with a free unban, are those notified to us by Nadeo. Of course, if you haven't regained control over the login, there's little point in unbanning anyway.

Lastly, please write in reasonably understandable English, so we can follow what you're saying. If you can't write English, again get someone to help you.

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#2 2016-10-12 20:05:55

a hacker can play with my account :x
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Re: About so-called 'hacked' accounts

I don't know myself how my account has been hacked.... what can i do, nadeo tell me this (in French) :"Pour être débanni de dedimania, il faut contacter les joueurs qui le gèrent :

Bien cordialement,
Ubisoft / Nadeo" I have never tell to someone my password (i don't remember it) and it's not a pleasure to be ban from dedis because i love find cuts then brag on it x). I don't know, if you can't trust me i can't unban me myself... so i will stay banned from dedis but i won't create an other account because i have paid for this one (united)
About my password i think it's not easy to find (10 letters+numbers) so i don't know how the hacker find my password and i can't help you for that.
I won't donate because somebody hack my account, I'm a victim, not a cheater


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