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#1 2013-04-20 20:34:30

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Dedimania website problem

Edit* I know news isn't the place for this but i couldn't find any other place for this either.

Im trying to get my TM2 dedimania code, so i click on the button for tm2 it takes me to mania planet where i log in... then grants access to plugins then redirectrs me to dedimania but it never gace me a code, now when i try to connect it takes me to url...

and simply sais "Error Occurred"

Tried in chrome and ie...

PS: i have a TMNF account that i was able to log into but i still cant seem to find my TM2 code for xaseco

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#2 2013-04-24 11:07:36

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Re: Dedimania website problem

Once you have connected (on maniaplanet special connection/redirection page), what do you get on that page :  ?
You should see a list of your dedicated servers logins (those which where registered on the maniaplanet player page with the player login you used to connect), each line having a button to register or check/regenerate the associated dedicode).
So what is your problem ?  you don't see that list or the button don't work ?  (please indicate your login and the server login, perhaps that would help)


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