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#1 2014-07-08 15:02:41

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Offering help for TM2 cheated dedimania records.

I am here to ask if I can help with Dedimania records in TM2, because I see Xymph doesn't want to bother with them (completely understand since too much work allready in TMU) I am here to offer my help if possible. I have usually free time about 2hours a day so I can investigate this and put some time into it. I love fairplay and don't support cheating, so I would like to maintain that for TM2 Dedis to be fair once more. I would need for Xymph to teach me the ways on how to do this, if we would want to. I am an OK driver and I can spot a cheater if I see one. Not just by time, but investigating other records, sector patterns and searching for cuts. With a little help from friends, who might be more skilled in Canyon and Valley to assist me if sectors aren't too weird I am sure I could minimise the chances of hacks bein used. i will not use asumptions and do things on my own decisions. I will need to have a reason to remove times not just gby guessing.

Hope you guys consider this, since I really support dedimania. If I cannot support with money I could at least help keeping Dedimania as clean as possible. I speak English very well, understand most of the times everything and a bit German, but I can get help with that if I don't understand it completely. And I know me and Xymph might have had some arguments because I was trying to convince him of something, but at the end he was just doing his job as fair to all as he can, so I am sorry about that.

Greets, Vrba

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