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#1 2019-11-10 16:26:10

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Account, Dedimania, Uaseco or Map issues ? I need Help

*its working now so maybe it was a Dedimania sided issue.

Hello guys,

i donated times before for my server/Account. But actually i have issues on my new server account bestnoobstadiumlol

the dedimania records doesnt get transfered and saved to dedimania database or get rejected. Also records for my Account doesnt get saved.

I use Uaseco 0.9.6 on this LoL server and my other servers use Uaseco 0.9.5

I recieve this message:
[Dedimania] dedimaniaEndMapCallbackHandler() - error(s): Warning in method_handler.php(467): Stadium is limited to maxrank 15 in TA for not upgraded servers! For premium accounts, see Dedimania forum and tm2stats page.

so i changed <limit_recs>15</limit_recs>

BUT do this maps really need a CP on the GROUND ? Most of LoL maps have 1x CP or only ring cp.

I know that DEDIMANIA requires 2 Checkpoints if not this maessage comes up:
[2019-11-09 19:18:31] [Dedimania] Map does not match the Dedimania storing rules: Amount of checkpoints in this map is lower then two, records will be ignored.

[2019-11-09 19:18:33] [Dedimania] dedimaniaLoadingMapCallbackHandler() - error(s): Warning in method_handler.php(330): map without checkpoints are not supported !

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