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#27 2017-04-12 04:26:26

??? ยป ???????!
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Re: TA Mudda hacking...

the runs are all valid. raizzens run is just crappy. you can report mudda all you wont, you will never prove anything because theres nothing to prove, hes good. the reason he "interrupts" the sds is because at high speeds, it is faster to split an sd and do 2 or 3 or however many you want rather than do a single, crappy one without splitting, as raizzen does. you can look at replays from other maps such as coollapse or vermillion, they both feature split sds. its common and inexperienced players, or just guys who dont really know as much as they think they do, take it as wizardry or cheating.

mudda has never been secretive about what he does, you can always ask him for tips or replays. how to do sds in tubes, for example. once you think you know everything about something and stop learning, its easy to become narrowsighted.


#28 2017-04-12 04:45:15

?? Mudda
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Re: TA Mudda hacking...

If any of you knew how SD actually works, you would know that the only way to make those turns without splitting the sds is to over slide, but you might as well be slamming the brakes if you do that, just sayin'


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