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#1 2008-04-21 16:00:58

Fast author / Dedimania maintainer
From: Traxicoland
Registered: 2006-11-23
Posts: 879

[EN] Fast 3.2.x, for TM Forever (english only)

Here is Fast 3.2.3t

Fast3.2.x is TM Forever only !   ...and is will not work with old TMO/TMS/TMN.

For those under windows, use the version (it contain a minimal php5.xx, avoiding you to install php5 or modify the php.exe path in the script, and you are sure it works with it), or for linux, and fastupdate3.2.3t for simple updates.
Be carefull to have a copy of start scripts and fast.php if you modified them.

The .txt files should be sufficient to make it work. Please take the time to read and test before asking for nothing. A minimal basics are mandatory, at least you should first know how to make your dedicated work....

Plugins for Fast3.2 (if you have also a plugin up to date, just ask me to add the link here !) :
- Mcm FAST-Plugin : multi functions plugin, by mcm.
- Glider Plugin Pack : multi functions plugin, by Glider.
- swearbot : Chatbot/Badword plugin, by Mat-d-Rat
- IRC Bot : irc bot plugin, by -tK-
- ChatBot and AutoShuffle : chatbot and autoshuffle plugins, by phoenix
- plugin.99.mywelcome : will popup a manialink message at player connection (Slig)
- plugin.99.mymessage : send auto messages to the chat every x minutes or at map start (Slig)
- plugin.99.forcemod : force random mods, can be used to set loading screens (adapted by Slig)

Note: is a rent dedicated server (by myself), if you want to participate, all donations are welcome, and else i'm never against some tmu coppers (send to 'slig').

Note2: if you want the autoupdate feature to work then you need the php module php_zip ; for windows users the php5 directory included in the archive have it, for linux you will have to add it yourself if your php5 don't include it yet (or else the autoupdate will just be inactive).

- fixed simulate flowmanualtransitions events when disabled (mainly on relays)

- added few support of 2011-02-21 new features
- fixed various custom modes things about points/scores handling

- fixed issues in match with multi restart per map (used in MO Stunts event)
-    added a train panel which show to players his last runs results
- added automatic multi logins destinations when sending manialinks to logins

- fixed some issues with relay server chat
- added GPP plugin fix for chatbot issue, see in :

- fixed some PlayerFinish(login,0) events problem
- added PlayerStart (TA only) and PlayerSpecFinish events

3.2.3a to 3.2.3g
- added script team support (beta)
- added custom team game modes for rounds, laps and relayrace (beta)
- added match support for TA, Laps and Stunts (beta)
- added many infos about Fast global variables, in howto and players plugins
- added PlayerSpecFinish event when player goes spec,
        and in TA to replace the FinishPlayer(login,0) at BeginRound
- added more debug possibilities to set specific debugs levels
        for dedicated callbacks, backtrace of addCall and addEvent
        calls, and plugins and/or events, permitting to increase or
        lower the debugs levels in specific cases only.
- added support for ChatEnableManualRouting (probably need 3rd party
        plugins support if they used it, doc about it is missing)
- fixed stripColors function
- fixed or improved some other things...

- added -d option to /cp chat command
- added $_server_timezone can be set in fast.php to specify a timezone
- added chats of specs on relays are now in green to differenciate
        from chats of players on the main server
- added specific welcome connect/disconnect message for specs on relays
- fixed fufi autoqueue did not received PlayerDisconnect event
        in some unusual cases
- fixed removed the wu duration checks in TA and Laps as actual dedicated handle it nicely
- fixed improved handling of init
- fixed improved handling of flow control
- fixed multiLocaleText
- fixed all files are now saved in utf-8 (without bom)
- fixed reduced a little the min chattime to have vote popup automatically

- many changes, it is a working release, report any bug please.

- added match plugin, which can handle multiple kinds of matches and store
        results both in specific logs and in mysql database (if configured)
- added use of FlowControl, with new events BeforePlay, BeforeEndRound
        and EndPodium usable when the manual flow control is enabled/activated
- added Cup submode which reduce the custompoints when there are winners/finalists
        (remove the 1st custom points value if 1 winner/finalist,
        2 first custom points values if 2 winners/finalists, etc.)
                (using BeforeEndRound event)
- fixed roundlimit fixed feature (using BeforeEndRound event this time)

- fixed potential issues making a dedicated relay/maniachannel crash
- added Xml tag in ml_popup plugin, to permit custom manialink in it
- fixed stop to create in 'connection failed' cases
        (there is no need to keep data for tests in such cases)
- fixed roundlimit (ie for fixed number of rounds should now succeed
        to finish the map at the end of the last round without waiting
        the begining of next round)
- fixed better test of players who come player just before the
        begining of the map (ie using /play during sync), and show a
        message with the reason of the round restart...
- fixed the chat cross did not hide the chat when main hud was off
- fixed chat, in disabled at 1st cp mode, disapeared also in 1 cp maps
- fixed the manialink lap info was broken

- fixed an little error in utf8 check/filter
- fixed filtering of names sent to Dedimania.
        Also fixed it on Dedimania side (now if the xmlrpc parse fail
        then an utf8 filtering is done and the parse is retried, also
        when data is bad Dedimania send an error 400 instead of 404)

- added upper left cross now set manialinks on/off directly,
        and 1st hotkey (F5) is set on it for quick on/off while playing
- fixed the chat on/off cross is now usable when manialinks are off
- fixed few changes in the popup plugin
- fixed a fatal error case, and added some log info in some error cases in dedimania replies

- fixed nasty bug making a wrong finish in some race conditions

- added some cheat tests (mainly for GHB D3D hack)
- added some sanity checks to invalidate records (which can't be
        considered as cheat for sure)
- added Fast announce and detection (a new started script will stop when an
        older active one is detected)
- added some test to terminate warmup in some unusual cases
- added a popup plugin to help making simple popup in plugins
- fixed loaded utf8 list switch to learn mode if an utf8 error happens
- fixed the url in the Game FIX message for not fixed games in forced opponents mode
- fixed dropEvent to stop also the current level
- fixed after reconnect the manialinks are not disabled any more
- fixed in dialog with dedicated some timeout when reading callbacks/async responses,
        some error messages, and a bug which could modified sent datas
- fixed /versions show original tmnf/tmuf versions as 2.11.11 with a different color
- fixed some restart problem in case of false start

- added connection handling for local mysql database
- added infos about main usefull plugin.01.players.php global
        variables and tables in beginning of the file
- fixed the PlayerCheckpoint event did not appear in log in some cases
- fixed a minor add in utf8 handling
- fixed The EndRound() event has a new parameter pecialRestarting
        which is true in case of false start or like round/race restarting process.
- fixed in Cup mode, the winner(s) don't release a giveup false start any more
- fixed some other issues with false start restart and warmup handling
- fixed /debug changed to not show the database password.
- fixed the delay to update the players positions panel when spec was wrong
- fixed the minimum record and author times for Dedimania records

- fixed script did not work using a php version without memory_get_usage()

- fixed a nasty mini bug which make the script crash on  /lol  use  sad

Too many time and changes to list all now...
- fixed manialinks had sometimes strange reaction on some servers,
        should be fixed
- fixed tm_substr() now make a full/real control that a utf8 string is
        comatible with the tm dedicated. All plugins should use it
        on player nicknames or map names (btw for players you can use
        NickDraw, NickDraw2 or NickDraw3 in players most time).
        (please don't use it for each draw : store the result and use it !)
- fixed now if the call of methods to  the dedicated make a utf8 related
        error, Fast try to fix it and resend. Btw it is a rescue
        feature ! plugins have to use tm_substr() to avoid such case
        to happen. In case of utf8 error, if debug >= 2 then the
        call is serialized and saved to a file, which can be used
        to help debug.
- added method to dedicated can now be sent asynchronously (ie not
        loosing time waiting for the response). It can be used
        explicitally using addCallAsync() instead of addCall().
        Manialinks and chat now use it automatically, which should
        improve script reactivity when there are many players, and
        also make manialinks faster.
- added max player control when the server is ladder >60K (it does not
        set the max player number, but verify that the max is
        respected and put the last new player as spec if needed).
        Setting as player above max number (with Fast, not using external
        controller) is now also forbidden.
- added server and spec passwords control, forbidding them for ladder servers
- added some chat commands added or fixed, mainly :
- added a false start feature, which restart round/race in case of early
        'del' or netlost at beginning. It is disabled by default, and
        have associated /falsestart (or /fs) commands.
- added /team score back #, /rounds score back # and /cup score back #
        which permit to set back to score of previous round.
- added now restart/next/prev don't reset Cup scores : to reset scores
        use /cup reset , /adm next reset , /adm prev reset , /adm restart reset

- added '/adm restart quick' make a quick restart without podium like
        at the end of warmup.
- fixed remove warmup rounds/maps from matchlog

- fixed '/adm setmap' changed map immediatly
- chged '/adm map' and '/maps xx' show actual and next map using colors
- added '/adm restart wu' do a reload of the map and so restart it
        with warmup if active.

- added support for relay server (ManiaChannel on 2008-06-10 dedicated).
        Note: some harmless warnings can happen on relay server because
        some infos are missing on relay dedicated...
- added some /adm commands (setnext, setprev, setmap)
- fixed time based custom points (time1000 and time2000)
- fixed adapted /adm opponents for new dedicated (2008-06-10)
- chged removed spectator workaround since the game fix make it ok now
- fixed menu handling modified, should work with more php versions (some versions
        of php have bugs in deep array handling with references, and also
        memory leaks in object destructions...

- chged live infos are now manialinks and not notices any more
- added workaround for nicer spectator view/modes
- chged completed/corrected the /info infos
- added a custom directory usable to put custom files instead of
        using the plugins directory
- added a possibility to disable plugins and locale files in fast.php
- fixed infos read after connection to dedicated completed
- fixed a problem with decimal dot in float to string conversions
        depending on php locale config
- fixed the net activity for Forever servers
- fixed some changes in Fast core about dedicated callbacks handling
- added a degraded mode which automatically disable server p2p and
        VehicleNetQuality when player number increase, depending on
        configured net rates
- added many configs in fast.php for defaut state of player HUD
- added config for servername in chat lines
- chged higly increased the autokick delay in case of lost net activity
- chged separate autohide for rounds score panel and scoretable
- chged removed default language config (no need as all forever games
        have the language info)
- added utf8 integrity control for names written in manialinks
- added some internal Events
- chged updated, and added a bigendian version
- fixed some webaccess fixes
- added packmask to xmlrpc_db_access to fit dedimania change
- added some /adm commands added or fixed
- added a debug plugin usable by admins, Fast author, and Dedicated author
- fixed many changes in manialinks support to send to dedicated only parts
        which have really changed
- added game hud support
- added new menus system, handled by ml_menus plugin, and involved changes in
        many plugins, for devs see ml_howto and plugins to see how using it...
- added new Fast hud based on the new menu system
- fixed all manialinks based plugins to use new manialinks system and the menus,
        with player hud easy config
- added new mapinfo replacement with author time and next map infos
- chged best times or current challenges adapted
- added cup support in matchlog

- added plugin ml_scorepanel, which disable score panel between round
        and show round panel result only after passing the finish
        can be activated by setting a value in fast.php, or
        using  /scorepanel on|off. default stabdard tmf
- fixed manialinks changes less ugly at the end of warmup
- fixed handling of hud parts
- fixed some other minor things

- fixed dedimania refused Cup mode records, now they are rounds records
- fixed missing notives infos (diff with top1)
- fixed some bugs and missfeatures in some chat commands
- fixed some problem with manialinks
- fixed some changes in ml_howto
- fixed some log info for debugging

- new/fixed the way manialinks are handled has been fully changed
- added some new callbacks
- fixed all Fast structs no reflect the optional infos of server
- fixed many internal changes, removing some code which became useless

- fixed few changes for basic support of TM Forever smile

About dedicated, please remember that if your script is on the same server as the dedicated, it is supposed to access to it using the IP, and also that in the dedicated config file <force_ip_address> and <bind_ip_address> should always be empty unless you really need it (which is exceptional, for exemple 2 public IP on the computer)

Have fun  big_smile


#2 2008-05-08 11:29:49

Fast author / Dedimania maintainer
From: Traxicoland
Registered: 2006-11-23
Posts: 879

Re: [EN] Fast 3.2.x, for TM Forever (english only)

If you want to test, i have a new version Fast3.2.0m.

I have not finished all i want, but i cant't work on it until next monday at least...  get it HERE

Edit: if you downloaded it on may 08 before 11:53, please delete file plugins/database.custom.xml.txt


#3 2008-05-08 13:17:43

Registered: 2007-01-19
Posts: 11

Re: [EN] Fast 3.2.x, for TM Forever (english only)

Do not upgrade to the 'm' version of FAST !

Indeed, there is a problem with the records. The Rec ssaved are the 1st cp times. Wait for Slig when he will come back

Exemples of fakes recs. :
1st exemple
2nd exemple

Last edited by 13ORŁǐĻø (2008-05-08 13:20:38)


#4 2008-05-14 19:30:12

Fast author / Dedimania maintainer
From: Traxicoland
Registered: 2006-11-23
Posts: 879

Re: [EN] Fast 3.2.x, for TM Forever (english only)

Hi ! there is a 3.2.0o for tests at the same place than previous....

The records bug should be fixed.


#5 2008-05-14 22:24:53

Registered: 1970-01-01
Posts: 33

Re: [EN] Fast 3.2.x, for TM Forever (english only)

I'd rather wait for auto update ^^


#6 2008-05-19 02:19:47

Fast author / Dedimania maintainer
From: Traxicoland
Registered: 2006-11-23
Posts: 879

Re: [EN] Fast 3.2.x, for TM Forever (english only)

An update 3.2.0u is available at the usual place, it is supposed to be stable, i would like someones to test it before making an autoupdate release  wink

Nearly all hud parts can be enabled/disabled by the user, and the server default state of all them can be changed in fast.php, so think to look at and update your old file (or overwrite it with the new one)


#7 2008-06-24 23:31:00

Fast author / Dedimania maintainer
From: Traxicoland
Registered: 2006-11-23
Posts: 879

Re: [EN] Fast 3.2.x, for TM Forever (english only)

Update 3.2.1a is available at the usual place, with as main change support for ManiaChannel.

For windows users, take the php5 directory in to update your old one.


#8 2008-12-07 03:17:02

Fast author / Dedimania maintainer
From: Traxicoland
Registered: 2006-11-23
Posts: 879

Re: [EN] Fast 3.2.x, for TM Forever (english only)

Update 3.2.1s is available, see 1st post.  smile


#9 2008-12-07 13:46:24

Fast author / Dedimania maintainer
From: Traxicoland
Registered: 2006-11-23
Posts: 879

Re: [EN] Fast 3.2.x, for TM Forever (english only)

i just made a change in the file (about  in names), so if you already took it then download it again...


#10 2008-12-09 21:42:37

Fast author / Dedimania maintainer
From: Traxicoland
Registered: 2006-11-23
Posts: 879

Re: [EN] Fast 3.2.x, for TM Forever (english only)

Fast 3.2.1t is out, and fix a mini nasty bug of 3.2.1s which made the script crash  sad


#11 2009-01-12 16:54:34

C®A?? ??????ll???? ?
New member
Registered: 2009-01-12
Posts: 1

Re: [EN] Fast 3.2.x, for TM Forever (english only)


<font color='black'> <?php
// File:      Swear bot for fast 3.2x
// Date:      21.04.2008
// Author:    Matthew Augier AKA Mat-d-Rat


function swearbotPlayerChat(<font color="#eevvee">nt,login,sg){
    global players;

    // remote or other entry
    if (!isset(players</font></font>[$plogin]["Active"]<font color='black'>)) {
        return 0;

    // set this for max number of swears before kick

    // after 2am swearing should be ok
     if (Date("H")>=2) {
        return 0;
    // before 3am swearing ok
      if (Date("H")<=3) {
        return 0;    

    // list of words to count
    <font color="#bbaadd">_Words = array(    'merde','fuck','cunt',
                    'dick', 'cock', 'merda',
                    'sucks', 'scheise', 'scheiße', 'scheis',
                    'baskasöle', 'baskasole', 'cocugu', 'kodugumun','cazo',
                    'penis', 'fotze', 'ffs', 'piss', 'nigger', 
                    'orospu', 'bitch', 'pédé', 'shit', 'wtf', 'wank', 
                    'fck', 'fuk', 'bastard', 'asshole', 'blowjob', 'prick',
                    'prik', 'fu ', 'omfg', 'bolox', 'bollock', 'fkin', 'gay'
    // modify the msg to check

    // check for each word int eh string
    foreach(<font color="#bbaadd">_Words As ot) {
        if (stristr(sg, ot)) {
            // detected a BAD word!
            // see if array exists, if not create
            if (!isset(players</font></font></font>[$plogin]["SwearCount"])) {
                players[$plogin]["SwearCount"] = 0;
            // set our counter
            if (players[$plogin]["SwearCount"]==wearbot_max) {
                // too many kick!
                addCall(null,"ChatSendServerMessage", "Kicking ".players[login]<font color='black'>.'<font color="#ffffff">'." (login) for swearing ".players</font></font>[login]["SwearCount"]."/wearbot_max");
                return 0;
              else {
                // jsut warn!
                addCall(null,"ChatSendServerMessage", "Please do not swear ".players[login]<font color='black'>.'<font color="#ffffff">'." (login) count ".players</font></font>[login]["SwearCount"]."/wearbot_max");


Used this code for the Swearbot but it doesn't seem to work? any ideas?  I downloaded the bot from this forum, and uploaded it to the server.  Please help!


#12 2017-05-06 15:59:20

New member
Registered: 2017-05-06
Posts: 1

Re: [EN] Fast 3.2.x, for TM Forever (english only)

Link for FAST 3.2.2c is broken, can you please post a new link?

Last edited by firo99 (2017-05-06 15:59:45)


#13 2017-05-07 00:39:49

Fast author / Dedimania maintainer
From: Traxicoland
Registered: 2006-11-23
Posts: 879

Re: [EN] Fast 3.2.x, for TM Forever (english only)

link updated


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