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#1 2014-07-29 13:57:08

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Discussion about "repeat"/"special" offenders [TMNF/TMU]

So i started this topic to prevent spam and walls of text in the main reporting topic.
The other one should only be used for reporting suspicious records while following all the rules (by Xymph) which are shown on the very first page:


When you (or others) report someone in the MAIN TOPIC and you'll have to say a bit more about that matter (records, pattern etc. ONLY, no insults, pointless spam and so on) and know it will be against Xymph's RULES you should come here and make your point BUT still in a mature way! It should not be for every single report!

This topic is NOT for reporting records, only for further discussion of reports made in the MAIN Topic (link above).
To get it a bit organized you should link the post you are talking about.

by clicking on the date/time at every Post you can generate a directlink to it. Now you can Copy the URL of your Browser

in general one could say this topic is outsourcing all the BLABLA (no matter if its useful or not) that will be made anyway. There is no point that Xymph has to search for reports when its full of anything else BUT them!

if you think it is something you could need or its helpful (even if its only for asking help and some input on records. i think I and a few others would help in such situations) you could sticky it and if not well then remove it big_smile
I would even manage this topic and try to collect useful stuff ( if i had the rights only for this topic).

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#2 2014-07-29 14:02:48

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Re: Discussion about "repeat"/"special" offenders [TMNF/TMU]

it would look like that: … 4683#p4683

radovan_odjebani wrote:

Thank you for your hard work Xymph!

And to give you the heads up.
Login: gallaga started to play at the same time corsakoff_live was banned and allready claimed 1 first dedimania record.
Same record pattern on all maps and no replays just like corsakoff. And he's on the same team (nwo) so he is a bit suspicious and corsakoff alike.

Not yet many evidence he is the same guy or that he cheats but he sure has a lot of similarities with corsakoff.
Best we keep an eye on him too, since he also hasn't uploaded replays and drives on same server as corsakoff did.

when i see his first Dedi entries (lets say 10) with 5 min gaps between them i kinda feel its obvious anyway. His luck that i do not have any say in that matter otherwise he would be banned just to provoke a reaction out of him.

now he even took the Tag of my Team, for reasons i probably won't understand, but he is not the first one who did that still annoying

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